The Story of Summerfly


One day someone came to Pete Seeger and said he is glad when a musician doesn't go commercial.
Seeger answered: »If I hadn't gone commercial, you would never had heard anything of me. I don't only sing for my friends when we sit around my place.«
A producer said one time, something similar: »You need to decide, if you want to be good or commercial.«
Seeger claimed that this is a cynical point of view to perceive - what do you mean one can't have both.

Summerfly - are 4 professional musicians ,
who have fun with their music. And one can hear and feel that, by every live concert.

A similar musical background has brought the Four together. But just the similarity.
There are constantly new surprises, which develop to new possibilities. Music that takes form through playing, develops, varies and gets arranged.

Although each has their own musical preference - for Summerfly, there is none. An incomparable sound through American elements has developed - Summerfly. And they are songs from America, own songs, folk, jazzy, blues and country.

And while the personal preferences of each musician goes from blues, jazz, folk, and Celtic to musette and tango, a wonderful mixture of different pieces is created. To say this in one sentence:
»The style varies with the mood of the songs«.